Jack was excommunicated by the Magpie King after he was caught stealing feathers with which to make quills. He knew the risks but he couldn't help himself. Packing lightly, he climbed out of the roost and began his travels with his sketchbook. He spent a short amount of time amongst the centaurs of the New Forest, under whose tutelage he obtained a 'B' in GCSE Art. Having learned all they had to offer he journeyed further afield, finding himself in Japan and taking up with a tribe of tanuki monster hunters at the Thousand Leaves Temple for a year and a day. Jack wrestled with Namazu, the great catfish, but was flung across realms by its giant flipper. He landed on Brandon Hill in Bristol and, in spite of a somewhat hostile reception from the local fox spirits (perhaps they'd heard of his alliances in Japan), he decided to settle, in order to spend some time documenting what he'd seen.